Wouldn’t you rather fulfill your God-given purpose than miss it?

Sowing Seeds of Faith is here to help you embrace your God given purpose.
We offer customized solutions whether you are an individual, organization, or place of worship.


How to Develop a Deeper Relationship with God

Get inspired, motivated, and empowered to grow into a deeper relationship with our Lord and Savior.

We offer spiritual life counseling through a series of self-examination exercises, spiritual listening tools, sharing of God’s Word, and personal testimony that leads to a more intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit. We do this by helping you discover God’s purpose for your life.

Places of Worship

How to Rely More Fully on God’s Word

Ever wonder how your congregation got out of whack?

Sowing Seeds of Faith guides your group by building upon God’s Word and His principles to strengthen your mission. Implementing effective doctrines of faith is essential whether you want to build a church school, design a street ministry, or expand outreach.

We employ powerful workshops and training to encourage your team to become more Christ-focused in their efforts to bring others to God.


Building Relationships for a Better Work Environment

Creating a better workplace is always a challenge; however, establishing a thriving company culture promotes transparency and empowerment.

Sowing Seeds of Faith will design an array of team building workshops, strategies, and exercises that will improve the morale of your workers. Encourage professional development by advancing communication, time management, leadership, and problem solving skills.

Show your staff that you care…and mean it! Help them commit to excellence both personally and professionally.