Who I Help



Learn biblical principles to develop your God given purpose.


Places of Worship

It’s not about us: it’s us relying more fully upon God’s Word!



Build team relationships for a better work environment.

How My Life Changed

Everyone has a testimony. I’m no different.

Growing up in a household of faith didn’t prevent me from falling into troubled times. I had two children by the time I was 15; for many, that might have set their future course of life. But I learned that God had a different path for me if only I would trust Him, rely on Him, and believe in His enduring promises.

I’ve walked more than a mile in your shoes yet I didn’t let it define me. Sowing seeds of faith in my own life led me to Job Corps, through college, onto earning a Ph.D. in Social Work, speaking & teaching around the world, receiving numerous spiritual awards and rewards. I’ve been featured in magazines such as Women’s Day, Time, Women in Community Service, Style Magazine, and others. I have written a soon-to-be-released book entitled: From GED to PHD On Mustard Seed Faith: Let Me Tell You What God Has Done for Me.

God changed my life. He can change yours. I’d love to help you along the way.

What Others Say About Me

Dr. Jarmon’s strength, motivation, and inspiration have been a guiding light through the often cloudy and foggy days we encounter in this journey of life. She positively transformed my entire life by simply doing one thing – believing in me and inspiring me to dream big. Thank you, Dr. Jarmon.
Dr. Juan C. Lebron, Ed.D., MSW
BJ is a phenomenal teacher, speaker, leader, counselor, and, most importantly, a God-fearing woman. I love the way she teaches in an open discussion format. She is truly an earthly angel who is guided by the Holy Spirit.
Patricia Nixon, BSTeaching Paraprofessional
Dr. Jarmon, an outstanding member of the TCCTC faculty is knowledgeable, articulate, and a bold follower of Jesus Christ. She “walks the walk” as a disciple and role model for all.
Jo Anne Arnett, President EmeritusTallahassee Christian College & Training Center